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Around the world in a year - Best countries to visit each month

Best countries to visit each month

Had a good break over the National Day holidays or are you already looking forward to your next vacation? The problem with being stuck in the rat race is that we easily get exhausted from the daily routine of work and sleep, so much so that a holiday a month almost feels like a necessity!

The great thing about living in Singapore is that cheap flights from budget airlines are aplenty. Short trips over the weekends are absolutely feasible, but if you are thinking of taking long trips, there are lots of options too!

So if you face constraints to take your holidays only in certain months of the year, fret not because our guide here offers lots of exciting vacation ideas all year round!


Spending the autumn months in Europe can be an excellent holiday idea – you escape the peak summer season while enjoying milder weather. Lovely foliage can be seen all around and it’s also wine harvest season in France, Oktoberfest in Germany and the annual Parma Verdi (opera) Festival in Italy.

Nearer to home, Japan is known for the viewing of colorful fall leaves, known as Koyo or Momiji-gari. The turning of the leaves in Japan varies depending on temperature, elevation, and latitude. In general, the autumn foliage season begins in mid-September on the island of Hokkaido, and move southwards. Thus, places like Tokyo and Kyoto will only reach peak viewing around mid-October through early December. The difference in timing also means you have more flexibility to fit in your holiday plans.


Not only is it winter season, but there are also festivities such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve to celebrate if you are planning a getaway from home during this period. Instead of avoiding the cold, why not go full-blown and enjoy the winter wonderland in Finland?

Besides the snow, expect pop-up Christmas markets where you’ll find all sorts of Christmas goodies and crafts, visit Santa Claus Village to experience some of the Christmas magic and of course, a reindeer or husky ride should be on your cards too!

If you are looking to start the New Year with a big bang, there’s nowhere better than New York. Every year as the clock nears midnight on December 31st, the eyes of the world turn to the dazzling lights and bustling energy of Times Square. The Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration features star-studded musical performances, balloons, confetti, a colourful pyrotechnic display and about a million of people around you if you want to feel “festive”. Remember your travel insurance though, since it is often during such crowded situations  mishaps can occur.


The Spring months make a good time to travel for those who love to view blooms, such as the famous Sakura season in Japan. Other than that, take advantage of the milder weather at nearby beaches – the white-sand beaches of Boracay, Maldives and Thailand sure look attractive for a quick getaway.


If you hanker after a longer vacation during this period, consider Patagonia, Chile. April marks the beginning of Patagonia’s fall foliage season. For anyone who has got these mystical peaks on their bucket list, visiting in April adds a bit of extra magic to the already magnificent backdrop. Temperatures in April are mild and since it’s off-peak, you can expect quieter park trails.


Living in tropical Singapore means there’s no need to travel to other countries just to experience the summer heat. But in many other countries where there are four seasons, the summer months mark the start of life and can provide many opportunities for travellers to experience unique festivals. In Europe, summer kicks off in London with the Udderbelly Festival, as well as several concerts and shows. Tennis junkies might also be excited by the beginning of Wimbledon. In Paris, don’t forget to catch the Bastille Day fireworks on 14th July. If you prefer to go away from the city, Croatia makes for a great summer destination where you can have a fruitful trip in just a week. Closer to home, if you’ve always wanted to discover the secrets of happiness, a visit to the mystical Bhutan is a must. It's generally less crowded from June to August, making for more intimate visits to the country's many temples and monasteries.


You will no longer need to limit yourself to nearby countries for your holidays anymore! There are so many options and you can literally find “good months” to travel with the array of vacation ideas we’ve provided. A good tip for you - get yourself an annual travel insurance so that you do not need to fret about getting yourself covered before each trip. It only costs $209 for a whole year! Get an instant quote now and enjoy your next holiday with a peace of mind!