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8 Ways To Turn Your Car into an Absolute Hottie - DirectAsia

Mon, 10/24/2016 - 17:48

There is no better feeling in the world than being yourself. So why not extend your personality to your car? The good news is, there are surprisingly simple ways to personalize your vehicle. All you need is just a dash of creativity and a willingness to be different.

Without further ado, here are the 8 things you can personalize to make your car an absolute ‘hottie’.

1. Inject Some Fun Using Plush Tissue Dispensers


You need tissues, no doubt about it. How about using dispensers that are pleasing to the eyes and warm to the heart to highlight that fun, friendly side of you.

2. Inspire Safe Driving with a Customised Steering Wheel Cover

Not only can it warm your chilly hands, it could also serve as a nice reminder that, in your hands, lie your personal safety so you should put in some extra care. Plus, let’s admit it, they could be really stylish depending on your taste.

3. Power Converter and Phone Charger that Doubles as Conversation Starter

Car charger

With Singaporeans using an average of 3.3 devices each (one of the highest rates in the world) according to a Google study, power converter and phone chargers are definite musts. But, being in style cannot be out of question. Nowadays, there are a lot to choose from to reflect your mood and personality.

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4. Keep Kids and Friends Entertained with Seat-Mounted Tablet Holder

tablet holder

Keep the fun even for people at the backseat with an ‘entertainment system’ that includes a bracket, mount and charging system. iPad and tablet not included.

5. Dazzle Everyone with a Handy Pop Up Trunk Shelf

Car Pop-up Shelf

For a shopaholic like you, nothing is more annoying than a car compartment that can’t accommodate all your goodies. Worse, it smashes your groceries and other boxed items because they’re simply not designed with your personality in mind. Here’s a pop-up shelf idea that you could consider. Read the tutorial here.

6. Eliminate Blind Spots with 180° Rear View Mirror

180° Rear Mirror

What if you can effectively ‘double’ your field of view than what a typical car mirrors give? If this prospect excites you, then a 180° rear view mirror is right for you.

7. Break Away from Run-Of-The-Mill Car Stereos

Who doesn’t enjoy cruising along on a nice summer day with good music to set you in the right mood? However, for some, cranking the stereo supplied by auto manufacturers leave us wanting more. Better alternatives abound and customising your car audio system doesn’t have to cost much. Forums like www.sgcarmart.com and www.mycarforum.com provide great info for audiophiles like you. Just make sure you adhere to LTA’s guidelines as modification that “emits loud noises that cause a nuisance” is generally not allowed in Singapore.

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8. Give Some Personality to your Car Exhaust

Car Exhaust

This is one of the most favorite upgrade done by many racer type car owners as modifying the exhaust can add oozing personality to your vehicle. Take note though that some approval (by LTA) might be necessary so make sure you follow the necessary guidelines.

Nothing Beats Personalised Car Insurance

While you can fuss over what type of personalisation you plan to do to your vehicle, you should also be mindful of the definite advantages of personalizing your car insurance. For example, DirectAsia’s customisable policies allow you to reduce your premium as you will only pay for what you actually need. Moreover, DirectAsia provides personal claims specialist who would assist you until your claim is resolved. That means zero headache and zero time wasted on your part. Usually, car owners easily get stuck with auto-renewing their car insurance policies without having a full grasp of the advantages they’re giving up. Do not go down that path. Be wise and switch to a better deal.