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Important tips on "How to claim on your Bike Insurance"


It doesn’t take a psychologist to tell that if you are making a claim on your insurance, you have probably been on the receiving end of a bad day. Our job is to help turn things around.

In the spirit of making things better, here are 7 expert tips from our claims team.  Designed to help you have the best claims experience possible, from the very start.

1. You Get What You Pay For

If you buy a car or a house you want to know what you are getting.  It’s the same when you are buying insurance. Make sure you know what you are paying for – what is covered.  If you regularly drive a car in Singapore and then you drive into Malaysia, does your insurance cover you over the border?  Does your insurance policy cover your hand phone in a travel insurance policy? DirectAsia offers cover for hand phones but not all insurance companies do.

2. Make A Smart Choice For A Better Claim

You have to decide between buying a policy that is cheaper and covers less, and a policy that costs a bit more but offers more protection.

Also, read customer reviews before you buy insurance. Does the insurance company meet its claim promise?  Will you be able to talk to an expert when you need them? How long will it take for your claim to be resolved? Knowledge is always power.

3. Find Out How Claims Are Handled

Customers need to be aware of the culture of the insurance company they are buying from. Are they easy to get hold of? Are you passed around from person to person? Does the company have a policy of sitting on customer claims for as long as possible? Get recommendations, or read customer reviews online before you buy.

4. Get Your Paperwork Sorted

  • Car Insurance - You must file a GIA report at an approved Accident Reporting Centre. If you don’t, it can affect your No Claims Discount.
  • Travel Insurance - If you need to claim for medical expenses, you must be aware of how much your policy covers and what documents to submit to your insurers. Also, you are required to pay the expenses you are claiming for up front and then apply for reimbursement through your travel insurance policy.

5. Ignore The Myths

That every insurance company has a special department full of mean-spirited claims people just waiting for the opportunity to turn claim down. That’s just not true of DirectAsia.

The other biggest myth is this – “I never buy insurance because nothing has ever happened to me and I won’t need it.” That’s not true of life on this planet!

6. Report = Support

If you have been in an accident, or are claiming for something that has been stolen or vandalised, you should report the incident to the police and your insurance company before doing anything else. This way you can be sure that you have proof of what happened, and that your claim is in process as quickly as possible.

7. Get Your Facts In Order

It’s often best to write it down what happened as soon as possible. This way you can tell your story consistently and factually. Make a note of:

  • relevant personal details (the other party in a car accident, the doctor who treated you or person who helped at baggage claim)
  • times and dates
  • exactly what happened
  • what you’re claiming for – plus a realistic financial calculation of your loss

Our Promise To You

Hopefully you won’t need to make a claim. If you do, be assured that you will receive dedicated help from a local DirectAsia claims professional. An expert to help you with everything. We promise that each claim will be...

  1. Acknowledged within one working day
  2. Assigned a dedicated claims officer who will be easy to reach
  3. Reviewed in less than a week

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