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Tips and Tricks to Driving in Wet Weather | DirectAsia

Fri, 09/30/2016 - 01:00

Wet weather conditions are a serious driving hazard. Low visibility and slick roads can make it extremely risky to be on the road. In a country like Singapore, where annual rainfall is 2331.2mm, drivers have to be well equipped to be able to drive well in these conditions. In this article, we give you some useful driving safety tips during wet weather season to avoid preventable claims in your DirectAsia motor insurance.

1. Slow down.

The most important tip when driving during heavy rains is to slow down. When driving in full speed, the slippery roads can make it especially difficult to hit the brakes. This is because your tyres loose traction which can cause your car to skid or drift. This is called hydroplaning or aquaplaning. Aquaplaning can be particularly dangerous when driving in an expressway. So, reduce the vehicle’s speed to ensure that you avoid aquaplaning.

2. Avoid using your high beam headlights.

Raining makes it difficult to see what’s in front of you. Drivers tend to use their high beam headlights at night in order to see better. Although it might seem like a good idea, light from the high beams glare when it hits rain. Plus, it may also blind oncoming motorists.

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3. Keep your distance from other cars.

Tailgating is very risky when driving in the rain. A common rule of thumb when driving in normal conditions is to stay at least 3 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. When driving in the rain, it is advisable to stay at least 5 seconds behind another car. This will give you enough time to hit the brakes should the car in front of you turns or stops unexpectedly.

4. Avoid making abrupt movements.

Sudden turns, overtaking, and hard braking can have serious consequences when driving in the rain. Since rain causes poor visibility, other vehicles might not see you on the road. This can cause accidents if someone is driving close behind you. Make sure you signal in advance when turning or changing lanes.

5. Don’t forget your seatbelts.

With heavy rains, you are exposed to a lot of risks on the road. Not only do you have to practice caution in your own driving but also in the other cars around you. Ensure that you and your passengers are properly secured with seatbelts should your vehicle skid or swerve due to the wet driving conditions.

6. Maintain your tyres.

Worn or damaged tyres don’t have enough traction when driving through rain. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated and your tyre threads are not too worn out. If you are unsure about your tyres, you can consult your car owner’s manual or a trusted auto mechanic.

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7. Check window wipers.

Wipers are another essential component in your vehicle during wet weather driving. With visibility already reduced during heavy rain, your windshield needs to be working efficiently so you can see the road better. Check that your wipers are not worn out to ensure that it can effectively remove water and debris from your windshield.

Safety features in modern vehicles such as Active Blind Spot Assist and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) will help prevent you from getting into an accident. However, motor maintenance and caution still have to be taken into consideration when driving during terrible weather conditions. By keeping these essential tips in mind, you can avoid damaging your vehicle or getting into a serious accident.

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