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6 Exotic Holiday Ideas for an Eye-Opening Trip - DirectAsia

6 Exotic Holiday Ideas for an Eye-Opening Trip

When you’ve had your dose of sun, sand and sea, sometimes you just want to escape on a holiday that reminds you that the world outside can be vastly different and intriguing. Whether you’re looking for some serious escapism or want to marvel at mother nature, DirectAsia picks some of the most exotic places to visit around the world.



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Landlocked between prominent South American destinations like Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, Bolivia is often neglected as a travel destination. One of the iconic things to see in Bolivia is the Salar de Uyuni, or the Uyuni Salt Flats. It is the largest salt flat in the world. On clear days, you’ll be able to capture surreal photos of the sky being reflected off the surface of the flats! Of course, Bolivia offers more than that - stunning volcanoes, crazy rock formations and fiery-red lakes are yours to explore and admire.

2. Bhutan

No country in the world captures as much mystery as the hermit kingdom of Bhutan. How a country retains its strong cultural identity and remains to be called the “happiest country on earth” is in itself intriguing enough for one to pay a visit. The country offers ancient culture, alluring natural landscapes and unique architecture to all who visit. The fact that tourism is limited simply adds to the air of mystery surrounding it.

3. Inner Mongolia

inner mongolia

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Ever fantasised about living like a nomad, sleeping in a Mongolian yurt and feasting on tender meat roasted over an open fire? Mongolia, specifically Inner Mongolia, might be your dream exotic holiday.

What truly makes Inner Mongolia such an enchanting destination is its plethora of untouched natural scenery. Other than the landscape, the country gives its visitors unforgettable experiences that include horse riding in the open grassland, tea making, and experiencing life as a local through living in traditional yurts.

4. Egypt


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Egypt is not only home to some of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, but it is also the site to some of the oldest examples of human society and civilization. We can find Egyptian exhibits in museums globally, but nothing compares to seeing the astounding beauty of the Giza Pyramid Complex before your eyes, or the legendary tomb of King Tutankhamen.

5.  Madagascar


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Home to otherworldly landscapes and lifeforms, be ready for a whirlwind vacation that’s like none other. The exotic landscapes of Madagascar literally look like something out of a storybook - Spiny forest, strange-looking Baobabs and the fascinating wildlife.

If seeing a different landscape every other day sounds like your type of holiday, then you’d be thrilled with the endless surprises in Madagascar. Some of these not-to-be-missed experiences include the Tsingy forests, the Masoala National Park and the Avenue of Baobab.

6. Peru

Of course the mention of Peru is undoubtedly linked to the incredible Machu Picchu, but there’s more to Peru than that. The Rainbow mountains are actually quite a sight, and the Amazonian Forest will leave you with lots to explore. The Nazca Lines continue to fascinate the world and its many colourful and traditional festivals and rituals is something that you should participate in if you’ve got a chance.

While less mainstream than laying by the beach in Thailand or shopping in Hong Kong, these exotic holiday destinations will definitely leave you with everlasting memories of unforgettable experiences. Before you go, always take up a comprehensive travel insurance to keep you assured. As these countries may be less easy to travel to and around, having a travel insurance with good coverage can help you with some of the unforeseen mishaps that can happen. Ask for a happier quote now with DirectAsia!