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6 Cars Best for Singaporean Families

6 Cars Best for Singaporean Families

When it comes to driving with your family in tow, child-friendliness and safety should be your top priority when choosing a car. As a parent in Singapore, having a car seems almost like a necessity – shuttling your kids to and fro their school and enrichment lessons, on top of juggling your work and running household errands. It’s tough; and that’s why life would be made easier with a reliable family car for busy parents.

While getting a car for your own use can mean going for a certain style, brand or colour, it’s important to choose a car that serves the needs of your family in this case. Here are some special features and characteristics you might want to watch for:

Characteristics to look for in a Family car:

  • Safety

Having enough space in the car to accommodate child seats is definitely one of the many common concerns of parents. Depending on how big the family is, this might also mean you need a car bigger than the standard 4-seater. Airbags and safety features of a car should also rank high on the list of criteria to look out for.

  • Size

Parents would know that having a kid and bringing them out also means lugging a whole lot of other stuff together in the car. Strollers, diaper bags, toys and car seats are just some of the items you’d need to bring along. Having a car that you can accommodate these items and secure them safely, while leaving sufficient boot and leg room for passengers is important as well.

  • Fuel efficiency

With all that family commute going on on a daily basis, you’d want to make sure that your car is fuel efficient as well or petrol costs can add up easily.

With the features you should be looking out for, getting your ideal family car shouldn’t be difficult. We’ve also done the research for you below so you can check out some of these popular car models for your family’s ride:

1. Volvo XC40

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As well as looking and feeling like a premium car, the XC40 makes an excellent family SUV. The interior is spacious, offering a good amount of space in its front and rear seats, as well as its boot. This will definitely make family life easier with convenient compartments for storing your little one’s necessities. This car features built-in child locks and a Driver Alert Control that warns the driver when it notices a change in the car movement’s pattern.

2. Hyundai Elantra


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The Hyundai Elantra has a “continental” look and it is considered rather fairly-priced if a high-end sedan is out of your budget. The back seat has enough space of 2 child seats, and you can probably squeeze in a third if you don’t mind a tighter space. There is also sufficient boot space to fit a stroller and a luggage for a family road trip!

3. Toyota Vellfire


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Toyota is a trusted car brand in Singapore, judging from the number of Toyota cars you can see on the roads. The Toyota Vellfire is a 6-seater multipurpose vehicle with a list of stellar features,  including a power-sliding door, lower rear seat access step for your little ones, and not to mention, an incredible amount of legroom and boot space. A delightful feature to have is the ability to have 10 different seat configurations for maximum comfort.

4. Nissan Sylphy

Nissan Sylphy

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If fuss-free and affordable is what you want in a family car, then the Nissan Sylphy could be one you’d consider. A lasting car that can take you from Point A to Point B with good safety features ideal for a family ride. It features a ripple control shock absorber which minimises vibration from the road surface, ensuring that your child stays sound asleep with an exceptionally smooth ride.  The Sylphy also incorporates an innovation in passenger safety - fitted with a pedestrian injuries reduction body, active head restraints front seats and a clearly defined crushable zone in the car’s construction to absorb and disperse impact.

5. Volkswagon Touran

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If you feel that every ride with your kids involves packing a thousand and one things, you’d really appreciate the Volkswagon Touran with its 47 storage points. The Touran is a stylish multi-purpose vehicle with seven seats, with the three seats in the second row being able to slide, tilt and fold or even be removed completely from the car. There is also an immense amount of  trunk space for larger pieces of luggage, making it an ideal family road trip ride. The Air Care Climatronic three-zone air conditioning also allows the driver, front passenger and rear passengers to set a different temperature to suit each and everyone. The sun roof is also a delightful feature to have, offering the kids a little distraction.

6. Kia Sorento


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Some drivers may be a little apprehensive in the Kia brand, but Kia Sorento can change your mind. The seven-seater SUV allows for partial and full-folding of rear seats to suit different space requirements and has an advanced 6-airbag system. Child-friendly features include retractable sunshade for the rear-door windows to keep your precious from harmful sun rays.

The Smart Parking Assist System (SPAS) which uses side-mounted sensors to search for parking lots and automatically steers the vehicle into place for both perpendicular and parallel parking is a Godsend for some drivers.

While choosing a spacious car with great safety features could be your top concern when buying a ride suited for your family, nothing beats having a comprehensive car insurance that can give you the assurance you need.