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5 Petrol Credit Cards in Singapore for Fuel Discounts (2022)


Using a credit card to pay for your petrol usage is a smart choice for any seasoned driver or motorcyclist. Petrol credit cards in Singapore offer attractive discounts if you know how to cash in on the benefits. With petrol costs on the rise, this can give you substantial savings every month.

If you are a motorist, you’re probably on the lookout for the best petrol credit card in Singapore. Good news – we’ve done the research for you and identified the ones which will suit your needs the most.

How Petrol Credit Cards in Singapore Work

Basically, you can use any credit card to pay for petrol in Singapore. However, not all cards come with the same great savings. If you are a frequent driver with monthly fuel expenses, it is best to have a credit card which provides you with the relevant deals. These cards typically offer cashback offers, instant discounts and points which can be used for redemption.

How to Maximise Your Fuel Savings

Here are some tips on how you can stretch your fuel savings with a petrol credit card in Singapore.

Decide on a preferred petrol station

Choosing a preferred petrol station which is near you not only gives you exclusive rewards, but also helps you save fuel costs in the long run since you don’t have to drive too far away. 

Select your petrol credit card

Choose a petrol credit card which gives you the most discounts at your choice of petrol stations. You may refer to our detailed comparison below to find the best ones in the market.

Opt for a wider range of benefits

If there are several choices of petrol credit cards where the savings are on par, pick one that will give you added rewards in other category spends, such as at grocery stores and restaurants.

5 Best Petrol Credit Cards in Singapore

While there are many credit cards which will help you save on fuel costs in Singapore, we’ve selected the 5 best ones for you. These cards can also be used at any Caltex, Esso and Shell petrol stations. Here’re some key benefits and evergreen rewards for each card:

1. Citi Cash Back Card

Key benefits:

  • 20.88% fuel savings at Shell and Esso petrol stations
  • 8% cashback on other fuel stations (such as Caltex) and groceries worldwide
  • 6% cashback on restaurants and cafes worldwide

Other perks and promotions:

  • Receive S$300 cash back when you spend S$800 in the first two months
  • Receive first year annual fee waiver and 5,000 bonus Citi Miles when you apply and spend S$800 in two months

2. DBS Esso Card

Key benefits:

  • Up to 21.6% fuel savings at Esso petrol stations
  • Automatically be enrolled into the Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme and earn 1 Smiles point per litre of Synergy fuel, S$10 instant fuel redemption with 300 Smiles points and S$30 instant fuel redemption with 750 Smiles points

Other perks and promotions:

  • S$120 Esso fuel savings if you spend S$180 per month for three consecutive months from the time of card approval
  • S$60 Esso fuel savings if you spend S$180 in any two of the first three months from the time of card approval

3. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

Key benefits:

  • Up to 21.15% fuel savings at Caltex and Shell petrol stations
  • 14% instant discount plus 5% cash rebate at Shell petrol stations
  • 5% cashback on other fuel stations
  • 5% cash rebate on local dining and groceries
  • 1 reward point per S$1 family spend

Other perks and promotions:

  • Your annual fee will be waived for the first two years
  • Over 1,000 1-for-1 and 25% discount on dining, entertainment, lifestyle and travel deals

4. OCBC 365 Credit Card

Key benefits:

  • Up to 22.1% fuel savings at Caltex petrol stations (includes 18% instant discount)
  • Up to 20.3% fuel savings at Esso petrol stations
  • 6% savings on local and overseas dining, online food delivery
  • 3% savings on local and overseas spend on the following: groceries, private share rides, recurring utility bills, online airfare and cruise tickets, hotel and tour bookings
  • 0.3% savings on other purchases

Other perks and promotions:

  • Complimentary upgrades and VIP privileges in participating hotels and resorts
  • S$14 flat video consultation by a certified medical practitioner and discounted prices for pre-departure COVID-19 test if you’re planning on travelling soon

5. UOB One Credit Card

Key benefits:

  • Up to 21.15% fuel savings at Shell petrol stations
  • Up to 10% cashback on daily spend on SimplyGo (bus and train rides), Dairy Farm International (Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Giant, Guardian, 7-Eleven & more), Grab spend (including GrabFood, excludes Grab mobile wallet top-ups) and UOB Travel spend
  • Up to 4.33% cashback on Singapore Power utilities bill
  • Up to 3.33% cashback on all retail spend

Other perks and promotions:

  • New Cardholders can earn up to S$429 in welcome gifts for a UOB One Card

Here’s a simplified table of the top 5 petrol credit cards in Singapore and the maximum savings you can expect:

Credit Card/Maximum Fuel SavingsCaltexEssoShell
Citi Cash Back Card8%20.88%20.88%
DBS Esso Card-21.6%-
HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card21.15%5%21.15%
OCBC 365 Credit Card22.1%20.3%5%
UOB One Card5%5%21.15%

Drive Smart and Save

Saving on fuel is not only about choosing the petrol station which gives you the cheapest prices for each litre of petrol. By tapping on the maximum discounts and other rebates, you’ll get to enjoy the most discounts. Most petrol credit cards give maximum discounts and cash rebates to selected fuel companies such as Caltex, Shell and Esso. Therefore, the best petrol credit card is one that is matched to your preferred petrol station. Keep in mind that your driving style, the condition of your vehicle’s engine and other factors can also affect your fuel consumption.

There are also other fuel-saving techniques you can adopt. For example, DirectAsia customers can earn Shell Escape reward points and also enjoy free 24-hour breakdown assistance. Perks aside, it’s important to protect yourself and your vehicle with car insurance that offers good coverage, such as the comprehensive car insurance from DirectAsia. Good driving behaviour will also qualify you for further discounts in Singapore. Whether it is a Safe Driver Discount for those who have obtained a Certificate of Merit, or a No-Claim Discount for not having any car insurance claims, besides other ways to help you save on car ownership costs in the long run.