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Senior Travellers | 5 Must-Know Travel Tips


5 Essential Travel Tips for Senior Citizens

Reading time: 3 mins

Everyone hopes for a memorable and safe trip whenever travelling. And while vacations can be invigorating, if you’re a senior citizen or travelling with one, the planning process can be challenging.

Whether it’s to a new destination, aboard a cruise ship or returning to your homeland, there are some important steps to take before and during your travels. With a little extra preparation, you can feel more at ease while travelling and making priceless memories!

So, DirectAsia has rounded up some essential tips to help seniors travel more and worry less. Follow these tips to make the most of your time with family and friends, no matter where you go. 

1. Take Your Vaccinations and Keep Sanitised

If you’re a senior traveller, health, safety and comfort are probably your top priorities. And with the recent pandemic, it’s crucial that you check if you need to update your vaccination status. You’re only allowed to travel if you’re fully vaccinated, so it’s best to check weeks ahead to ensure you have time to sort it out. 

Also, ensure that you are carrying enough medicines to last until the end of your trip. Label all supplies well and pack them in your carry-on luggage for convenience. And, to avoid beginning your holiday with a trip to the pharmacy or hospital, check with your doctor if you should take any extra health precautions. Otherwise, just keep your mask on, stay sanitised and you’re pretty much set! 

2. Get Insured with the Right Coverage

Getting travel insurance with the right coverage for a senior traveler, before heading overseas, is a must. This is mainly to protect yourself from a host of risks and dangers while travelling. It should include coverage for trip cancellation or disruption, as well as theft or loss of your personal belongings. But, most importantly, with good travel insurance, your medical expenses while on holiday should be covered. 

As a senior, you have a higher risk of falling ill. By securing yourself with comprehensive travel insur​ance​​, you won’t have to worry because all costs due to medical complications would be taken care of – as long as it’s within your plan limit

3. Book Direct Flights & Travel at a Comfortable Time

When flying, try to book a direct flight to your destination. This eliminates the hassle of getting on and off the plane and lugging your bag around as you pass through several airports. 

Remember, travelling alone can be tiring, especially if it is a long journey. So, make sure to travel at a comfortable time of day that suits your lifestyle patterns, to avoid falling sick due to jet lag and body ache.

4. Travel Light with Minimum Luggage

Although you may need your comfort items, it’s always best to pack light when travelling. This has two benefits; with less stuff to carry, you can:

  •  Move around more easily and
  •  Reduce the risk of your valuables getting lost or stolen. 

Keep all important items like your sanitiser and medications handy in your carry-on. Then try to fit everything else into a wheeled luggage bag, so it’s easy for you to pull along without strain.

5. Eat Well & Get Enough Rest

This is another cardinal rule of travelling that applies to all travellers, whether you’re elderly or young and carefree. Eating consciously and at regular timings can ensure you stay healthy and happy when travelling. Avoid foods that stir your tummy and ensure it is prepared in sanitary conditions. On top of that, you should always stay hydrated. Drink purified or bottled water to quench your thirst and keep healthy throughout your trip. 

Besides getting the right nutrition, you should also get adequate rest while on holiday. Yes, it does sound counterintuitive when you rather spend time out and about. But remember, anyone is prone to falling sick without proper rest.

Travel Safe and Enjoy Another Adventure with Your Loved Ones!

Travelling can be immensely rewarding regardless of your age. But, it’s hard to enjoy your time away if you’re feeling unwell or tired. So, we hope the list above helps you prepare for your next adventure with your family and friends. 

Get all the relevant travel documentation ready, double-check your flight timings, and don’t be afraid to ask for help along your way. Navigating in a foreign country can be overwhelming and its new systems can be confusing! 

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