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10 Things Many Singaporeans Need to Know About Travel Insurance


Singaporeans are often surprised to learn about all the different options available when they go to buy travel insurance online. While most people understand the importance of getting a basic travel insurance plan, too many travellers don’t purchase the coverage they really need. If your policy doesn’t protect everyone and everything on your trip, you may find yourself in for a rude awakening, so here are some really important pointers you need to know about travel insurance.

Medical coverage is essential

Do not travel abroad without making sure you have proper medical coverage. A short stay in a foreign hospital could drain your bank account if you’re not careful. When you purchase a plan, make sure it has both medical evacuation and repatriation coverage to ensure you get back to Singapore safe and sound!

Expensive belongings

Do you travel with a computer, camera and sports equipment or any other expensive valuables? Think about how much it would cost you to replace these items if they were lost or stolen. Before you settle on a travel insurance policy, make sure the per-item limit is enough to cover the actual cost of your belongings.

If you’re bringing sports equipment along on your trip, DirectAsia offers an affordable add-on sports equipment coverage on top of our plans that’ll help you ensure your belongings travel safely, and that you’ll be reimbursed if anything does crop up!

Number of people covered

Many travel insurance companies offer both single and family policies. Instead of buying an individual plan for every member of your family, it may cost you less to purchase umbrella coverage for the entire family. If you’re travelling with a senior, however, be sure to check the age limits of the policy.

Frequency of travel

If you’re a frequent flyer who regularly travels for either business or pleasure, then it may be worth asking about an annual insurance policy. Instead of buying a plan for each trip, many providers have a yearly option that will cover your travel needs for an entire year. Ask about any restrictions on travel frequency or a number of days to ensure you remain covered. Of course, if you rarely travel, then a single-trip policy is the better option.

Extreme activities

You need to take a hard look at your planned itinerary before you buy travel insurance. If you want to stick to the basics, like sightseeing and food tasting, then a standard insurance policy will be fine. However, if you plan on going white-water rafting or bungee jumping, you need to find an insurance company that covers high-risk activities. Fortunately, we also offer a handy extreme sports optional benefit which you can add-on to cover a comprehensive host of thrill-seeking activities!

Natural disasters

No one can predict a natural disaster. Sudden acts of Mother Nature, such as earthquakes or tsunamis, may curtail your travel plans. Look for travel insurance with natural disaster cover to make sure you can file a claim if something out of your control puts a damper on your trip. Some policies offer a pay-out if a mandatory evacuation affects at least 50% of your travel plans.

Restricted travel

Before you schedule a trip, make sure the destination is not under a travel advisory. The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs often places restrictions on locations with political riots, disease epidemics, terrorism, or other forms of civil unrest. Travelling to any destination on the list will void your policy. If a country goes on notice after you plan your trip, you may be able to file a cancellation claim.

Delayed flight coverage

Many Singaporeans travel by air. Of course, you can never predict if a flight will be delayed or cancelled. Bad weather and poor air conditions are the top reasons why airports delay take-off. That’s why it’s best to select a travel policy that offers a pay-out for each day you miss your flight. This amount will help you pay for accommodations in a local hotel until you can fly back home.

Buy early not late

It’s best to purchase your travel insurance as soon as you begin planning your trip. By preparing early, you have a better chance of receiving a pay-out if you need to postpone or cancel your plans.

Know your dates

Data entry is of the utmost importance when you purchase an online travel insurance policy. You need to know your exact dates of travel. The dates on your policy must line up precisely with your travel plans. If they don’t, your policy may become invalid. Double-check time zones to ensure you enter this information accurately and review your application before pushing the submit button.

Best Travel Insurance for Your Needs

Everyone travels for different reasons, and that’s why everyone needs different things from their travel insurance policy. Whether you want travel insurance with natural disaster cover or need the policy to cover high-risk activities, we want to keep you covered without breaking the bank! So get in touch with us or check out our step-by-step guide on how travel insurance can save you time and money .