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Advantages of riding a motorbike rather than a car - DirectAsia

For most motorcycle riders in Singapore, passing the dreaded Traffic Police riding practical test is a badge of honour. Whether you ride your motorbike to commute or take long road trips on the weekend, the experience you get riding a motorcycle is an experience like no other. For most motorcycle riders in Singapore, the advantages of riding versus driving a car are undeniable. In this article, we are listing down the 10 reasons why motorcycle owners have it better.

1. It is cheaper to purchase than a car.

Despite the recent introduction of a three-tier Additional Registration Fee (ARF) further increasing motorcycle cost in Singapore, most motorcycles are still relatively more affordable than cars. Not only can this cost difference be noted in the vehicle’s OMV but also in the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) and road tax. As of the 2nd open bidding exercise in March 2017, Category D (motorcycle) quota premium was at $8,081, while the Category A (cars up to 1600CC & 97KW) was at $51,765.

2. Parking is easy and affordable.

For most car owners without reserved parking, looking for parking slot during rush hour is difficult to say the least. Whether it’s waiting for a slot or scoping the entire car park to find one, looking for free parking space with a car does take up a lot of time. For motorcycle owners, on the other hand, finding parking isn’t a problem. With plenty of allocated slots for motorcycles, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding one. Plus, you also wouldn’t have to worry about difficult parking situations such as parallel or perpendicular parking. Parking fees are generally a lot cheaper for motorbikes too. In HDB car parks, for example, sheltered seasonal parking rates for cars are at $110 per month whereas rates for motorcycles are at $17 per month.

3. It’s easier and faster to navigate.

Traffic (almost) means nothing for a motorcycle rider. When stuck in a traffic jam during rush hour, motorcycles can conveniently weave in between stationary cars to get to their destination faster. Part of what riders love about motorcycles is the sense of freedom they get when their on the road.

4. You pay for less petrol.

Compared to cars, motorcycles save more on fuel because of range. The average fuel consumption rate for motorcycles is at 30-40km/litre, whereas cars average 10-15km/litre. With a lighter load, motorcycles can go further with a lot less fuel.

5. It is more affordable to maintain.

With fewer engine parts to think about, having your motorcycle serviced is more affordable than a car. And with less complex technology that requires special and expensive maintenance, you wouldn’t have to worry about a hefty maintenance bill.

6. Insurance premiums are more affordable.

Motorcycle insurance premiums also cost a lot less in comparison to car insurance premiums. Based on the lowest possible price based on premium calculation, motorcycle owners can pay as low as 68% on motorbike premiums as compared to car premiums. *Do note that policies vary depending on the type of bike you are riding.

7. It’s quicker to clean.

One of the most convenient things about owning a motorbike is how fast it is to clean. Sure, you’ll need to do it more regularly to avoid rust and dirt build-up. But it will improve the performance of your motorcycle over time and it will also preserve its resale value.

8. Performance is top-notch.

Motorbikes accelerate so much faster than cars because of a better power-to-weight ratio is more efficient than most cars.

9. There’s a strong sense of community.

Although Singapore’s motorcycle population is fairly small, there is still a strong sense of community among motorcycle riders. Riders in Singapore often join motorcycle clubs. Motorcycle clubs often arrange meet-ups with other like-minded riders and organise rides to Malaysia and Thailand.

10. It’s cool.

A lot of riders probably won’t admit it, but it is probably one of the primary motivators they get a motorcycle. Whether you like the retro look of Harley-Davidson Sportsters or the futuristic Ducati Tourers, motorcycles are cool and there’s no question about it. *Please note that actual premium will depend on factors including but not limited to your age, riding experience, accident history, usage, etc. Discover the DirectAsia Difference Save more money on your motorcycle premiums. With DirectAsia Insurance, you can choose your benefits to pay for what you really need. Getting a direct quote only takes 5 minutes. Start saving now! Choose the plan you want. Pay the way you want. You are insured!