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What Drives You Matters Most


Your car is more than getting from A to B. It’s a space where memories are made as you live out life’s little moments.

So as we protect your car, go ahead and enjoy the moments that drive you — because that’s what matters most.

Why the 'invisible' car?

In our latest brand ad video, we feature an invisible car allowing you to see through a vehicle’s exterior to unveil all the priceless memories formed in the car.

The 'invisibility' is used as a metaphor to highlight the fact that car insurance isn’t just about protecting the car. More importantly – it’s about allowing drivers to have peace of mind to fully live their lives within it.

We’ve decided to focus on what matters to drivers. It’s about the people and moments in their cars. DirectAsia will protect your vehicle while you enjoy what matters most.

How was it filmed?

To turn our vision into reality, we collaborated with Socialyse, an integrated communications partner, to take on this exciting challenge. The production of the ‘invisible’ car concept is the first-of-its-kind in Singapore.

"As this was a first-of-its-kind to be filmed in Singapore, there were lots of challenges to navigate around. In addition, we had to film the talents on a customised platform with specially built seats and seatbelts, before applying VFX in post-production." - Socialyse