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Single Trip Travel Insurance

Imagine this scenario: you’ve left behind the overwhelming office stresses in Singapore and are finally going on a journey to your long-awaited vacation. You’ve packed everything necessary and all that is left is to enjoy your much-deserved break – except, everything goes wrong.

To protect yourself from a nightmarish vacation, equip yourself with a single trip travel insurance plan. This short-term policy covers a specific trip out of Singapore that is designed to offer you the best protection and peace of mind.

Types of Single Trip Travel Insurance Plans

DirectAsia offers single trip travel insurance plans for individuals, groups, and families. Whether you're planning a short getaway or a longer trip out of Singapore, our single trip policies provide comprehensive coverage for all your travel needs.

Individual Single Trip Travel Insurance

Our individual single trip travel insurance plan is the best for solo travellers. With this plan, you can enjoy coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost baggage, and more. Additionally, you can personalise your plan to include additional benefits such as extreme sports coverage.

Group Single Trip Travel Insurance

Our group single trip travel insurance plan is designed for businesses or clubs that have multiple members travelling together. This plan offers extensive coverage for large groups with the option to enjoy the convenience of a single policy that covers everyone. You can also include add-ons in your plan to meet your specific needs.

Family Single Trip Travel Insurance

Our family single trip travel insurance plan is tailored to provide the best coverage for families travelling worldwide together. By purchasing this plan, you can stay financially protected when it comes to medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost baggage, and more. You can also customise your plan to include benefits including adventure sports and rental car excess coverage.

No matter which plan you buy, you can rest assured that you're getting comprehensive coverage for your trip. Our single trip travel insurance plans offer peace of mind and protection against the unexpected, so you can enjoy your travels without any worries.

What You Should Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance

As with most things, everyone’s needs and expectations for travel insurance will differ. Here are a few useful factors to consider before buying travel insurance:

Travel Frequency

If travelling isn’t a frequent occurrence, supplementing your trip with a single trip coverage will suffice. However, if you travel often to multiple destinations, either for business or leisure, you may want to consider purchasing annual travel insurance instead.


The cost of your single trip insurance policy will differ depending on your travel destination. Most travel insurance plans have territorial limits wherein it dictates the countries and territories the policy will provide cover to the policyholder. The common classification of these geographical regions will be ASEAN / ASIA / Worldwide.

In addition to these territorial limits, it’s worth noting that other factors such as accessibility to medical facilities and predisposition to natural disasters and inclement weather will also play a part in the total cost of your insurance coverage. If you’re not quite sure, be sure to reach out to us and we’ll advise you on the insurance policy that meets your needs best.

Get a Quote for Your Single Trip Travel Insurance Today

At DirectAsia, we take on a client-first methodology wherein all our insurance policies and services are tailored to better serve you and your needs. With our single trip travel insurance, you will be covered for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Rental car excess
  • Trip cancellations
  • Theft or damage of personal possessions
  • Death and permanent disability

If you wish to have a much more comprehensive coverage, you may want to consider supplementing your current insurance with optional travel insurance benefits.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you wish to enquire more about our single trip travel insurance policy and ongoing promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Single Trip Travel Insurance

Does Single Trip Travel Insurance Cover Multiple Destinations?

Yes, it does. Single trip travel insurance plans cover you to multiple destinations for a short or longer period of time, with you determining the destination of the trip. Once you’ve returned home, the trip would be considered over and the policy would end.

Can I Purchase Annual Travel Insurance on Top of Insurance Policies from Other Companies?

Yes, you may. If you’re already travelling frequently, purchasing annual travel insurance is within your best interest. But for trips that require more extensive coverage, you can buy a single trip insurance to supplement your annual plan.

Do note that you won’t be receiving multiple payouts by simply having multiple plans under your name. Should you have more than one DirectAsia travel insurance policy, we will only consider the coverage that boasts the highest benefit level.

As such, you may want to do an in-depth review to compare their respective pros and cons to determine if additional coverage is beneficial and financially viable.

What Do I Need to File an Insurance Claim?

When filing a travel insurance claim, you will need to prepare documentation to substantiate your claim. Prepare copies of airline tickets, police reports, medical bills and reports, carrier irregularities reports, and original purchase receipts. If you wish to make a claim, simply call us at 6532 1818 or +65 6991 3555 (overseas), or email us at claim@directasia.com. Finally, fill in your details on our Online Travels Claim Form and you’re set!