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Travel Insurance Claims FAQs

Questions about how to make a claim?

Find all the information about travel claims, claims process and documentation here. Can't find what you need? Send us an email.

What happens if the travel company goes bankrupt and cancels my trip?

If the NATAS registered travel company becomes insolvent and you can't proceed with your trip as planned, then we will help to compensate you.

What if an immediate family member who is not travelling with us, becomes sick during my holiday?

We will help reimburse you the cost for the rest of your planned trip (less the amount you are able to claim from the travel provider or carrier) if it has been disrupted due to an unexpected death, serious injury or illness to either yourself, immediate family member or travel companion.

What if I've booked my holiday and I get too sick to travel?

If you, immediate family member or travel companion become injured or sick before your trip and have to cancel it then we will help reimburse your fare and accommodation charges less the amount you are able to claim from the travel provider or carrier.

How do I make a travel claim?

Our claims process couldn't be simpler. We have an Online Travel Claims Form and a 24-hour Claims hotline to assist you in times of need. You can call us at +65 6991 3555 (Overseas) or +65 6532 1818 (Singapore) and we will take care of the rest!

What documents do I need to make a travel claim?

We prefer to make things simple for you. Just fill in an Online Travel Claims Form with your proof of travel and supporting documents within 30 days upon returning from your trip. You'll be assigned to a personal Claims Specialist, whom you can contact directly throughout your claim process. Visit How to Claim for more information.

Do I have to report my travel accident to the police?

Always report to the police within 24 hours at the place of the accident, injury or loss, and get a copy of the police report.

What do we mean by a "known incidences"?

Your travel insurance will only provide you with cover if your claim is for an unforeseen incidences.

A known incidences refers to something that interrupts your trip that a person would have been aware of through media and/or announcements made by Singapore government authorities (for example, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health) or an internationally recognized entity (for example, World Health Organization).

Will DirectAsia cover me for trip cancellation or disruption due to protests in Hong Kong?

No. DirectAsia Travel Insurance does not cover any claims arising from trip cancellation or disruption due to Hong Kong riots/protests for any travel policy purchased on or after 30 December 2019.

For complete information, see our Policy Documents & Wording
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