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Frequently Asked Questions by Advisers

How do I get my Introducer Link?
  • Your unique URL is https://secure.directasia.com/pacs?id=000 (Your 5 digits PRU Agent Code)
  • Exampled as: https://secure.directasia.com/pacs?id=00088126
  • Please bookmark your link on your mobile phone and IPAD, so that you can provide this URL to your client if they wish to buy travel & car insurance from DirectAsia.
  • Please ensure that your prudential agent code is exactly the last 5 digits of the link, otherwise DirectAsia will not be able to reconcile payment fees to you.
How much am I paid for my introducer activities?
Products Introducer Fee
Car Comprehensive $100
Car Third Party Fire Theft $60
Annual Travel - Family/Group $40
Annual Travel - Individual $20
How long does it take for my client to complete the quotation & buy journey?

It's really quick and simple, in our experience it takes no longer than 3 minutes. Try it!!

Why should I even introduce general insurance?
  • We know that Life Insurance is your main business, but being able to provide car or travel insurance introductions will expand your service suite and talking points with your customer.
  • Speaking about travel especially, is always a non-invasive prospective topic. Ask your prospects about their travel destination during their children's school holidays.
  • Building your life insurance business takes a long period of time, why not earn an extra source of income; whilst introducing.
Do I need to handle and manage claims & servicing queries?

No you don't! That's basically the merits of being an introducer. Leave the claims and servicing queries to us. These hotlines can be found on your introducer link main page.

Customer Care Hotline: +65 6593 3843
Claims Hotline: +65 6532 18183
Overseas Emergency: +65 6603 3699
Financial Consultant Operational Issues: pru.ops@directasia.com