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Third Party Only (TPO) Motorcycle Insurance


Third Party Only (TPO) motorcycle insurance is for the frugal, budget-conscious rider in Singapore. Basic motorcycle insurance is a requirement when riding on the roads in Singapore. In order to be able to register your vehicle and start riding, Singapore’s Road and Safety Act requires that at the bare minimum, you need to have TPO insurance. 

If you meet in an accident and if the fault lies with you, the DirectAsia’s TPO motorcycle insurance pays out for the liabilities owed incurred from third-party claims. Third Party Only insurance covers damages sustained by other vehicles in an accident, but does not cover any damage to you or your vehicle.

What does Third Party Only (TPO) motorcycle insurance cover?

Third Party Only (TPO) ensures that in the event that a pedestrian or another driver is injured or killed, they or their families will be adequately compensated. It also covers any damage done to someone’s property in the event of the accident.

You and your passenger are covered against liabilities arising from an accident involving your vehicle for:

  • death or bodily injury to any person, including while getting on and off of your vehicle; 
  • property damage of up to $500,000 inclusive of all costs arising out of any one accident.

TPO insurance does not provide coverage if your motorcycle requires repairs or if your bike is stolen, damaged in a fire or vandalised. 

DirectAsia’s motorcycle insurance policies are flexible and customisable and designed to fit your needs. We offer flexible benefits which can be added on to any of our three motorcycle insurance plans so you add greater coverage and be covered for what you desire.

What is not covered by TPO motorcycle insurance?

TPO motorcycle insurance does not cover you for the following: 

  • death or any bodily injury you sustain
  • any damage done to your bike
  • your bike is stolen
  • you crash into something that’s not a vehicle 
  • your bike is damaged in a fire or a natural disaster like a flood

Frequently asked questions about TPO motorcycle insurance

What optional benefits are available to me?

You have the option of paying extra for the NCD Protector Plus, Any Rider, Personal Accident and/or to have your medical expenses covered. With the NCD Protector Plus, you will still have access to the No Claim Discount benefit even if you had to make a claim due to an accident on the road. Any Rider will protect any unnamed authorised rider whom you choose to share your bike with and with Personal Accident, the medical expenses benefit lets you receive monetary compensation for injuries or death.

Can I take TPO motorcycle insurance?

It’s usually best to purchase TPO motorcycle insurance when you’re driving a motorcycle that has little value to you and if lost or completely destroyed should not have a significant financial impact on you. However, if you have taken a loan with the bank, they might require that you opt for greater coverage so you may need to go for either Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) or Full Comprehensive motorcycle insurance plans.

What affects the cost of my premiums?

You are usually assessed based on your risk factors and these include your riding experience level, driving history, and the use of your motorcycle. The make and model of your motorcycle can also affect the final cost of your premiums. New riders can buy Third Party Only motorcycle insurance but their premiums tend to be higher due to evidence showing higher risk.