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Motorcycle Injury Insurance Coverage


Optional Benefits for Your Motorcycle Insurance

The medical expenses add-on is an Optional Benefit that you can leverage to customise and craft an ideal motorcycle insurance policy with DirectAsia. Available for vehicle owners, authorised drivers, and passengers, this Optional Benefit ensures that you, your rider, and your passenger are covered when it comes to the cost of medical expenses accumulated due to the immediate and direct involvement in an accident. As an insurance add-on only available under 3 motorcycle insurance plans, it guarantees that your policy protects all insured individuals in situations where injuries were suffered due to an accident that occurred while riding the bike. The main purpose of the add-on for medical expenses is to ensure that additional coverage is offered beyond that of a normal personal accident plan that only offers protection for the policyholder. 

If you would like to prevent instances whereby your rider and passenger is not insured when involved in a motorcycle accident or having to fork out large sums of money to pay off your medical fees, you can consider opting for the motorcycle injury insurance add-on on top of your standard cover plan. 

Getting Motorcycle Injury Insurance in Singapore 

We currently offer motorcycle injury medical expenses add-on as an Optional Benefit for Comprehensive (COMP), Third Party Only (TPO), and Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) motorcycle insurance cover types.  
When the “Medical Expenses” Optional Benefits is added to your core insurance plan with DirectAsia Singapore, you and your named rider will get up to S$2,500 for reasonable medical expenses if either of you is injured due to an accident while riding on your motorcycle. Your passenger will also be insured for the same amount. Moreover, your No Claim Discount (NCD) will not be affected for claims made against this benefit. However, do note that the exact cost of coverage is dependent on your coverage plan, and an excess of S$107 (including GST) is applicable for each claim made.

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Get additional protection and ensure fair compensation for you, your rider, and passenger for accidents that immediately and directly involve your vehicle with our Medical Expenses Optional Benefit and save up on extra costs arising from unexpected circumstances. Get a quote for our customisable motorcycle insurance policies today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other Optional Benefits that can be added to my motorcycle insurance cover?

In addition to our motorcycle medical expenses insurance, we offer a range of Optional Benefits: 

  • NCD Protector Plus
  • 24 Hour Breakdown Assistance
  • New for Old
  • Any Rider
  • Personal Accident

Our offerings of each of these Optional Benefit is dependent on the motorcycle insurance cover type you have opted for. Please click here for more information on the Optional Benefits that you can choose to customise your motorcycle insurance plans.

How do I go about reporting an accident?

If you have been involved in an accident, it must be reported to us within 24 hours or by the next working day. Your vehicle must be taken to one of our approved reporting centres for the proper accident reporting, regardless if it would support a claim under your policy. 

What documents are required to make a claim?

To make a claim, a copy of the SAS Accident report and Certificate of Insurance is required. Supporting documents such as accident scene photos and video footage can also be submitted. Accident reporting will be done at our authorised workshops, where you will be able to make a claim under your policy. If you have any questions about our claiming process, please contact us at 6532 1818 or via email at claim@directasia.com.