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Motorcycle Insurance Account & Payment FAQs

Questions on your motorcycle insurance account and payment options?

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How will the Singapore GST rate change affect my policy?

If you complete payment on or before December 31, 2022 your premium will include 7% GST.

If you complete your full payment on or after 1 January 2023, your premium will include the prevailing rate of 8% GST.

If you complete the purchase of a policy on or before 31 December 2022 under monthly instalment, 7% GST will apply and the upcoming increase in GST to 8% from 1 January 2023 will not affect the remaining monthly instalment payments deducted.

Can I buy a policy from you if I purchase a brand new motorcycle?

Yes. You just need to tell your motorcycle dealer that you will be getting your Motorcycle Insurance from DirectAsia.

Can I buy your insurance policy offline?

We are currently not taking any walk-ins. Please call us at 6665 5555 for any assistance.

Can I pay monthly?

Our motorcycle insurance is available on a single payment basis only.

Can I use my friend or family members' credit card to make my premium payment?

Yes, however we will require their authorisation to process payment via their credit card.

Can you refund me via cash or cheque?

We can only do a refund via PayNow or bank transfer.

Do all insurers adopt the same method to compute the refund?

No, different insurers have different methods of computing refunds.

Can I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy at any time by giving us 7 days’ notice subject to cancellation fee of S$90 (inclusive of GST). Please note that the above is subjected to no claim/accident in current policy period and no outstanding money owed. The refund premium will be pro-rated subject to a cancellation fee of S$90 (inclusive of GST).

How do I cancel my Motorcycle Insurance policy?

Please ensure you have the following documents:

  1. Sale / Purchase Agreement by car dealer stating the details of the sale of the vehicle, and the effective sold date and handover date; OR
  2. LTA Notification Transfer of Ownership for the vehicle.
  3. You may email us at customerservice@directasia.com. Once we receive these documents, we will backdate the cancellation date to 1 day after the vehicle sold/ handover date.

Alternatively, you may also give us a call on our Customer Service Hotline at 6665 5555 from 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

How do you calculate the premium?

Your Motorcycle Insurance premium is based on a number of factors including rider profile which looks at your age, riding experience, No Claim Discount and the number of profile named on your policy. We also take into account the motorcycle's make, model and age. The excess you choose will also affect your premium. The higher the excess, the lower the premium. (Note: This only applies to our Comprehensive plan) Any optional benefits you choose will also affect your premium.

How is my refund computed for my insurance policy cancellation?

The refund premium is calculated based on the following conditions: Premium Refund = [Premium x (Unexpired Period of Insurance (Days) / Original Period of Insurance (Days))] – Applicable Cancellation Fee ($90 inclusive of GST).

Please note that the above is subjected to no claim/accident in current policy period and no outstanding money owed.

I haven't made any claims so why is my renewal premium higher?

If the overall claims experience is bad that year then insurance companies have to increase their premiums across the board for all motorists irrespective of whether you have made a claim or not. If you have a clean driving record, though, your premium will still be lower than those with accident claims.

If I report a motorcycle accident and/or claim under my insurance policy, am I still entitled to a refund?

No refund will be given if there is a motorycle accident reported and/or claim made under your motorcycle insurance policy.

I've been a named rider on someone else's insurance, can I still get a NCD?

If you have been a named rider on someone else's insurance, you are not entitled to any NCD. However, if you have been riding a company motorcycle and you then buy a personal motorcycle, you would be allowed to transfer the NCD. This is provided you can show the number of claims' free years you have with a letter from the HR department of your employer or from the leasing company, if the motorcycle is leased. More details on NCD.

My NCD went up by 10% and I have had no claims in the past year. So why has my Motorcycle Insurance premium increased?

There are a number of factors involved in pricing premiums. Firstly, there may be an increase in claims for your motorcycle make and model, which will lead to higher premiums. The higher price may also be driven by inflation. For example, increased repair costs, legal fees and medical costs means increased insurance premiums to keep up with these costs in general.

What can I do to keep my premium low?

We make our policies in such a way that you pay only for what you need. Here are a number of ways you can cut costs on your premium.

We have three different insurance plans for motorcycle policy. You can select the plan according to your needs.
Opt to pay a higher excess. The higher the excess the lower the premium. (Note: This only applies to our Comprehensive plan).
Certain motorcycle models are more expensive to insure than others. Keep this in mind when purchasing a new vehicle.
Be sure to only pay for the optional extras you need, as any you add will increase your premium.

What happens when I get my quote?

You can get a quote by following our simple step by step guide. If you're satisfied you can go ahead and buy. You can choose the start date of your policy and even have immediate cover if you wish. You can print off your insurance certificate straight away. If you need time to gather more information, then you can save your quote and go back to it at a later date. Your quote will be saved in our system and will be valid for 90 days.

What information do I need before I can buy my insurance policy?

  1. Your NRIC for you and any named rider
  2. Your existing NCD
  3. And your credit card details

What is a Offence Free Discount?

If your No Claim Discount (NCD) is 20%, your Certificate of Merit (COM) from the Traffic Police entitles you to a discount over and above your NCD. This is your Offence Free Discount. At DirectAsia we reward safe drivers.

You can check your status here.

When can I receive my refund upon my insurance policy cancellation?

You can receive your premium refund via PayNow or bank transfer within 14 days.

Why must I pay a higher premium when the market value of my vehicle is depreciating?

There are many things taken into consideration when calculating premiums particularly risk factors including vehicle model, capacity, and rider's profile. The market value of the motorcycle is not considered to be a direct risk factor because it does not influence the claims received from third parties for property damage and injuries. Also, repair cost for motor vehicles continues to increase therefore impacting insurance premiums.

What if I need to make changes to my personal details?

Please call our customer service centre hotline at 6665 5555 Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm or email us at customerservice@directasia.com.

Why is LTA not updated of my motorcycle insurance renewal?

The process to update LTA is not instantaneous. If your renewal is done before 4.30pm, it will be reflected on LTA records at 8pm on the same day if there is no errors. Renewals submitted on Friday after 4.30pm will only be processed on Monday as updates to LTA is not available on weekends. We recommend that you submit your renewals at least a week in advance to prevent any lapse in your motorcycle insurance.

For complete information, see our Policy Documents & Wording
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