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What Is Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance?


If you own a motorbike, making sure you have an insurance cover is essential to riding safely on the roads. Whether you ride a motorbike, motor scooter, or motor-assisted vehicle, there’s no denying the importance and necessity of coverage for a peace of mind. 

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is the most complete insurance coverage that protects you, your motorcycle and others, as well as incidents such as fallen trees, floods and natural disasters. The comprehensive policies available on the market vary across insurance providers but depending on your lifestyle and family needs, finding a motorcycle insurance policy that best suits won’t be a problem with DirectAsia. 

What Does Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

DirectAsia all-in-one comprehensive motorcycle insurance plan covers the following: 

  • 3rd party injuries in an accident
  • 3rd party property damages
  • Legal expenses arising from accident
  • Damages to your motorcycle arising from an accident, caused by fire or theft 
  • Non-crash damage sustained on your motorcycle or motorbike
  • Damages from floods or natural disasters

It offers viable bike insurance cover that has everything you need - from tailor-made policies to stellar customer service, our comprehensive motorcycle insurance plans are designed to suit every rider. Getting comprehensive insurance coverage for your motorcycle can protect you from any unexpected financial strain following an accident. Be sure to compare various policies so that you procure one that is well-suited to your budget and needs. 

We also offer the Third-Party Only (TPO) and Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) plans. Budget-conscious drivers can opt for the TPO where they will be covered for any injuries, damages, and legal costs following any accidents. A slightly more extensive coverage is offered with the TPFT where theft and fire damages are covered as well.

Frequently asked questions about COMP Motorcycle Insurance

Are all accidents required to be reported to the police?

Any injury inflicted on a person must be reported to the authorities. Hit-and-run scenarios and damages to government vehicles, pedestrians, and foreign automobiles are also to be reported to the police. Situations that can be amicably resolved need not require police involvement.

Can I make changes to my insurance cover?

Yes. You can reach our team using our hotline at 6665 5555 from Mondays to Fridays or send us an email. Changes will require approximately 7 days to take effect.

Where am I insured to ride my motorcycle?

Your motorcycle insurance covers you when you ride in Singapore, West Malaysia, and Southern Thailand.