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Optional Workshop Car Coverage


Optional Benefits for Your Car Insurance
The car insurance workshops add-on is an optional benefit that empowers you with options to tailor a robust car insurance policy with DirectAsia that works best for you. Simply select your base cover type and leverage our add-ons to save a substantial amount in unprecedented events. The “My Workshops” optional benefit allows you to decide on your choice of the workshop for any repairs required for your car at a small fee. As an add-on only available under 2 car insurance plans, it ensures that your vehicle is serviced at workshops that are capable of handling repairs professionally and fairly. The main purpose of the car insurance “My Workshop” benefit option is to make certain that should you seek car repair work beyond our list of approved workshops, you are given the choice to do so.
If you would like your car repaired at a workshop of your preferred choice, you can consider opting for the car insurance workshop add-on on top of your standard cover plan. 

Getting Car Workshop Coverage in Singapore

We currently offer the “My Workshop” add-on as an optional benefit for Comprehensive (COMP) and Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) car insurance cover types.  
If our approved workshops are opted for, you will be protected by a Lifetime Repair Guarantee. This guarantee stands true for as long as you remain insured with us and will cover your damage repairs done at garages we have confidently partnered with. Compared to other insurers who may offer a 12-month repair guarantee, this convenient and more affordable solution is one to consider for the greatest peace of mind. 

Have a trusted garage that you would rather work with? The My Workshop optional benefits allows you to do just that without compromise on service quality and support.  

Get a Quote on Our Car Workshop Insurance Add-on 

Enjoy the freedom of getting your car repaired wherever you like with our car workshop optional benefit and save up on extra costs arising from unexpected circumstances. Get a quote for our customisable car insurance policies today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DirectAsia shortlist its authorised workshops for cars?

Not only does DirectAsia select authorised workshops that are strategically located in Singapore for your convenience, but we also consider the reliability of their services. We choose only those workshops who can guarantee their repairs and who have a proven track record to ensure quality, timeliness and a Lifetime Repair Guarantee as well.

What is the best option for car repair if it is still under warranty?

According to the Competition & Consumer Commission of Singapore, warranty restrictions that give your dealer the right to void or reject warranty claims after a vehicle is repaired at independent workshops are no longer valid as of 2017. As such, you have the flexibility to decide on the more practical option without any consequences. You can either choose from DirectAsia’s list of authorised workshops or opt for “My Workshop” for repair works at your dealer’s garage.  

What documents are required to make a claim?

To make a claim, a copy of the SAS Accident report and Certificate of Insurance is required. Accident reporting will be done at our authorised workshops, where you will be able to make a claim under your policy. If you have any questions about our claiming process, please contact us at 6532 1818 or via email at claim@directasia.com.