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Understanding Car Workshop Options | DirectAsia Insurance

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 15:26

At DirectAsia.com we love giving you choice and control. That’s one of the benefits of buying directly from us online.

You control what you buy or don’t. 

We let you customise and craft your policy at almost every stage of the process, but one area of particular interest to many buyers is the choice of Workshops/Garages. We give you a choice between ours or yours. Whatever’s most convenient for you.

Choice One: Our Workshops

This is the easier, cheaper solution and also the one usually selected by most. We’ve scoured Singapore and selected a few chosen workshops whose work we’ve tested, tried and can guarantee.

Choose this option and any of the work done there is guaranteed for 12 months! We have a selection of guaranteed garages located around Singapore for your convenience. You can view the full list of our approved workshops here. 

Choice Two: Your Workshop

But maybe you know a guy. Or your family has always worked with this one particular garage. That’s OK too. Third Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive policy buyers can select the “My Workshop” optional extra when they buy their policy. The “My Workshop” extra gives you the freedom to get your car repaired wherever you like.

The Choice is Yours

We’ll never pressure you either way. You know your needs better than an insurance company. So why should we pick for you? Your preferred garage is just one of the areas you can customise in your policy. Find out other ways you can customise your policy hereTry out a quote today and pay only for the exact cover you need.