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Top 7 picks for Bike accessories to keep you Safe and Sound

Style is one thing. Serious injury is quite another. And anyone riding a scooter in Singapore knows that the right accessories can make all the difference if you happen to hit asphalt. Here are DirectAsia’s top picks for scooter accessories to keep you street smart and safe.

1. Helmet

First things first. Invest in a good, snug fitting helmet. Your brain is worth it. If you are commuting on your scooter in Singapore, we recommend a full face helmet for maximum protection. Best brand: Shoei

2. Gloves

If you take a tumble, gloves are your best friend. In Singapore you’ll want standard length gloves with good padding on the palm and knuckles. Synthetics are better than leather for keeping your fingers dry in our heavy downpours! Best Brand: Corazzo

3. Goggles or sunglasses

If you’re using a helmet without a face shield, goggles do the best job of keeping wind, rain and nasty insects out of your eyes. Choose from polarized or non-polarized in glass or plastic lenses. Polarized lenses are better at reducing glare on the road when the sun is blazing. Best brand: Nannini

4. Lock - Disc Brake vs Cable

Front disc brake locks are smaller than cable locks and prevent your scooter from being rolled. The best ones have a reminder cable attached to the handgrip so you remember to take the lock off. Good cable locks are heftier but allow you to attach your scooter to something that won’t be carried away! We recommend a disc brake lock for short errands and a cable lock for home or office parking. Best Brand: Xena

5. Storage

Go for a high quality messenger bag as they fare better in storms and have reliable fasteners to stop your stuff from relocating itself. They often come with a cell phone holder and a laptop pouch. Messenger bags look way cooler on a scooter than a backpack. Most scooters offer some storage under the seat plus a hook to hang a small bag in front of your legs. Available in various sizes, a cargo box allows you a waterproof place to carry a few tools, a first aid kit or a camera. If you are an avid photographer, you can get cargo boxes specially designed for camera equipment. Best Brand: Givi

6. Jacket

A stylish and functional scooter jacket offers high abrasion protection, CE rated impact protection and increased visibility. Plus it looks as cool in the coffee shop as it does on your bike. Best brand: Corazzo

7. Rain, Wind and Dust Gear

Keep a light weight plastic poncho stowed in your cargo box, although a rain suit is better and less flappy in the wind. Most scooter covers take seconds to get on and off and live happily under the seat cargo box. The cover is a great investment in protecting against rain and dirt, corrosive bird poo, the sap from various tropical trees and the insides of dead bugs. Nice! Best brands: frogg togs, Oxford Stormex

The Smart Choice

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