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Robin Hood Returns with Most Entertaining Video Yet!

DirectAsia.com Robin Hood

Believe it or not, there are still some Singaporean motorists who don’t know about DirectAsia.com’s first-class, affordable car insurance. But our latest video, featuring our very own Robin Hood, should reach those who’ve missed the message so far…

“Best Price Guaranteed on Car Insurance!”

No wonder Robin is shouting about our Best Price Guarantee. And in this latest video Robin is louder and more direct than ever before, reaching out to Singapore’s drivers in blistering 3D!

In the same way our videos are of the very highest quality, so too is our motor insurance. But superb claims and customer service don’t mean high premiums.

Because we operate primarily online, because we don’t pay agents commission and because we let you buy the cover features you actually need, we can offer you premiums that our competitors simply can’t.

The Smart Way of Taking Out Car Insurance

More and more Singaporeans have realised that buying car insurance online with DirectAsia.com is actually a lot easier than buying from a traditional agent – as well as being a good deal cheaper. This fresh approach to taking out insurance needs a fresh way of getting the message across. And no one is fresher than Mr Robin Hood!

Robin brings a comedy element that you’ll find hard (or impossible) to see in other insurers’ videos. Funny, that is, except for the director, who did have a few hiccups when trying to manage our hero. Robin’s passion for delivering his message got a bit out of hand: robotic suits, hand gliders, and a little bit too much muscle flexing all added up to a long day for those on set. And a costly ceiling repair bill.

The Best in the Business…

No, we’re not talking about Robin Hood – although he is of course. We’re talking about the talented bunch over at Bent Image Lab who breathed life in Robin, and made the great video you see below. You can expect more increasingly entertaining and comical videos from Robin and the team at Bent as time goes on, delivering the very serious message: that we offer…

The Best Price on Car Insurance – Guaranteed!