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How To Reduce Risk Of Road Accidents In Singapore


How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Road Accidents in Singapore

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Road accidents in Singapore have been on the rise. Statistics by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) revealed that accidents with injuries or deaths took a huge upward jump between June and September 2021 alone.

A recent news release of the mid-year traffic situation further broke down the statistics:

  • The number of people involved in road traffic accidents rose 17.0% from 2020 to 2021.
  • There were 3,577 injuries and 58 deaths reported.
  • Almost 1 in 2 of all road accidents leading to death were motorcyclists and pillion riders.
  • Jaywalking was the biggest cause of accidents involving the elderly.
  • Car and other vehicular accidents are expected to increase with the resumption of more activities.

These statistics show that more can be done to raise awareness of road safety in Singapore. Some of the initiatives introduced by the Traffic Police (TP) include reaching out to senior citizens and engaging road users online.

What Can You Do To Avoid Road Accidents

Road accidents happen for a myriad of reasons, but there are a few that contribute greatly to the numbers above. In Singapore, the top three causes that could have seen a twist in outcomes with a little more road etiquette are  drink driving, beating the red light and speeding. These are traffic offences that could have been avoided as long as the rules were followed. We dig into the details below:

1. Skip The Drinks

Drink driving is a worldwide problem, and is therefore banned in most countries. While the incidence of drink driving has decreased over the years, it is still a major driver of road accidents in Singapore. About 1,507 made the numbers in 2020 alone.

Should the stars misalign, and you get caught, what’s waiting for you is a hefty fine of $10,000, a one-year jail sentence or both, even as a first-time offender. Plus, you won’t be able to drive for the next two years, let alone an insurance claim pay-out.                

So, if you are driving, skip the drinks. It is normal to feel the urge to have a tipple or two if you are at a party. Your loved ones will not be shy to offer a glass too. Politely explain your reasons and the dangers of driving under the influence — you do not want the day to end on a horrible note, after all!

2. Play by the ‘Traffic’ Book

It can be tempting to speed across the junction when the light turns amber, but this can bag drivers a composition fine of at least $300 and 12 demerit points. Again, why risk it? This has also led to many car accident deaths per year worldwide.

Although red-light running violations in Singapore decreased by 0.8%, from 24,147 in 2020 to 23,952 in 2021, it is still clear that traffic rules are chucked at one corner.          

When motorists speed past traffic lights as a convenient excuse to protect their tyres from sudden brakes, it's more apparent that plenty aren’t taking the law seriously. What does it take to simply slow down when you approach a junction? Well, you get a smooth brake, avoid a fine and actually save a life.

3. Go Slow On The Accelerator

Speeding violations, in contrast to red light offences, increased by 25.3% from 340 in 2020 to 426 in 2021. The adrenaline in a fast-moving car is definitely appealing to many but there are many implications. Hard stopping when a vehicle crosses lanes can lead to serious road accidents involving other motorists around you. It is equally devastating when you are unable to brake in time near a traffic junction, and thus injuring passengers.

To avoid a penalty and serious traffic accidents, motor drivers should always adhere to the prescribed speed limit unless otherwise stated. Generally, most roads have a default speed limit of 50 km/h, excluding special zones like School Zones or expressways. Just remember, gradually hit the brakes when nearing a junction.

Mitigate Your Risk

With the looming dangers of driving and traffic accidents, having comprehensive motor insurance can protect you and your passengers in times of problems. Good drivers may also be entitled to receive rewards for safe driving.

Besides the fact that driving a motor vehicle is not allowed in Singapore if you don’t own a valid insurance, it lets you claim for financial damages or losses arising from accidents. Considering car insurance plans and policies for motorcycles can keep you financially guarded.

It is also wise to understand more about the insurance claim procedure. Knowing what to do can save you time, trouble, or unnecessary expenses. Be in the know of your document coverage documents carefully to avoid erroneous claims.

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Source: The World Bank

Car accidents can happen at any time. While Singapore’s road traffic fatality rate has been steadily declining through the years, from 3.76 in 2011 to 1.96 in 2021 — lower than the global rate of 18.18, we shouldn’t let our guard down. More importantly, with the increase from 2020’s rate of 1.46, it is apparent that more needs to be done to ensure road safety in Singapore.

We may have lesser cars on the road as people work from home, but a life is a life, and that’s precious wherever you are. On the road, safety starts with you.

Let’s buckle up and drive responsibly.