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The Best Tips and Advice for your Malaysia Road Trip


The Singapore dollar goes further. If you need another reason to plan a trip to Malaysia, how about walking one of the highest sky bridges in the world, visiting the world’s oldest rainforest, eating the most delicious street food or having a proper cup of tea in the Cameron Highlands?

Malaysia is not Singapore so make sure your insurance is sorted. Now, go plan your adventure, with DirectAsia’s round up of expert tips and advice.

Plan Your Trip To Malaysia

  1. Your guide to brilliant road trips to Malacca, Pangkor Laut, KL, Port Dickson, Cameron Highlands and more. Itineraries designed by people who know.
  2. “Ten days in Malaysia, and a car at my disposal. I wasn’t kidding myself I’d encounter a tiger, but the odd elephant or turtle wouldn’t be bad.” Wanderlust Magazine tells all.
  3. Things to do and see, tips and advice on Malaysia with the Lonely Planet guide.

Car Insurance – Am I Covered?

Whatever type of car insurance you choose, DirectAsia gives you the choice to select the geographical limit of your policy. If you choose to include Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, we will cover you where your car is registered in Singapore and is being driven in Singapore, West Malaysia (including Penang and the other Malaysian islands offshore of West Malaysia) and Southern Thailand (being that part of Thailand which is within 80 kilometres of the border between Southern Thailand and West Malaysia).

We also cover you when your car is crossing the straits between Singapore and Tanjong Belungkor, Johor and when you cross the straits between West Malaysia and the Malaysian islands offshore of West Malaysia.

Where you select the Singapore only geographical limit, we will cover you where your car is registered in Singapore and is being driven in Singapore only.

Things Petrol Related

“You must have a minimum three-quarter tank of petrol when departing Singapore.  Hybrid motor vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles and petrol-CNG vehicles must also comply with this rule.” LTA.gov.sg

“Do take note some stretches of road will not have a petrol station for over 40km, example Malacca to Machap, so monitor fuel gauge carefully.” Singaporean Travel Blog

Toll Roads

“On highways, the most convenient way to pay tolls at booths is with a Touch’n Go card that can be purchased and refilled at any gas station.” cnn.com/malaysiaroadtrip


“You'll be constantly reminded to stay on the left by road signs in Malay that announce Icut Kiri (stay left). Other words that you’ll see on signs worth remembering include Awas (danger) and Hadapan (in front).” cnn.com/malaysiaroadtrip

How To Stay Safe

The AA offers great tips for a safe road trip to Malaysia here.

DirectAsia answers the question - Why Buy Travel Insurance? - here.

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