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I Love Biking Out in The Cool Evening

My Motorcycle and Me: Jenny Huang / Steven Chan

Motorcycle: Classic Royal Enfield. It used to be a British military motorcycle and they’ve retained most of the design to this day. It is now made in India. Jenny Huang and Steven Chan biking out Jenny Huang:
"We love the design (vintage look) and the sound the motorcycle makes. It's very different to other ones as it's more military/raw AND you can really feel the vibrations of the engine. Riding pillion is great: I hold on to Steven wearing my fur coat at night because it gets REALLY cold riding in Singapore when the stars and moon are out! The ride is exhilarating...like an adult roller coaster. The wind and the smell of the air (when the buses are not around) is amazing. The appreciation of the surroundings becomes more salient. "
Steven Chan:
"What do I love about biking? After a hard day in an over-pressurized office environment, out in the cool evening with the wind softly blowing onto your face taking away the stress little by little. And not forgetting about my lovely fiancé on the motorcycle with me and hugging me from behind."
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