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Honda Vezel 1.5 vs Nissan Qahqai. The Compact SUVs


If you like your cars smart, spacious and useful, you are probably a fan of the SUV. The Honda Vezel 1.5 goes one step further,

“The VEZEL’s distinctive and sharp character lines fuse together the SUV-like stable lower body and coupe-like upper body. The stylish exterior design adds a glow to the people on the vehicle. Developed under the concept of “Expansible Cockpit,” the interior design pursues both spaciousness and a personal feel.” world.honda.com

Powered by an iVTEC engine, the Vezel holds it’s own on the road. All this plus fuel consumption rated at 20 kilometres per litre(km/l) for mixed highway and urban driving.

In Singapore, the other compact SUV that stands out is the Nissan Qashqai. So which is better?

 Honda Vezel 1.5  vs  Nissan Qashqai

 Higher overall speed  Better acceleration
 1.5L engine, no turbo  1.2L engine + turbo
 Higher road tax  Lower road tax
 Mostly 3-year warranty  5-year warranty
 Parallel Import  Authorised Dealers
 More spacious  More compact
 Fuel 20km/litre  Fuel 17.9km/litre
Additional body kit and paddle shift available  Additional body kit, and a premium subwoofer

Looking at these stats, both the Vezel and Qashqai are compact SUVs with great performance. Your choice will come down to comfort, feel and price.  Here are DirectAsia’s expert tips for test driving.

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