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Hiroyuki Ogawa Stuntshow Live @ ECP Bigsplash Singapore

Motorcycle Stunt Rider Hey all, We just received word on an exciting event to be held this weekend and thought many of you might enjoy as well, motorcycle rider or no. On the 26th & 27th July (this weekend) at ECP Bigsplash Playground, there will be a live stunt show event. Official ICON rider Hiroyuki Ogawa, will be on hand performing stunts.

We’re not encouraging motorcycle stunt riding on the roads

Motorcycle stunts are best performed only by trained riders who have built up to them over years of riding and practice with bikes. Hiroyuki has been riding for over 14 years and has trained specifically to do this. You try to do these things on the road first time out with a bike that’s too heavy…and you will get injured and ruin your bike. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a master at his craft! The event is being sponsored by SingaporeBikes and they have arranged a bunch of local vendors, promotions and more on top of the show. It should be great fun for everyone regardless of if you ride or not. Event: Mah Pte Ltd proudly presents - Hiroyuki Ogawa Stuntshow Live @ ECP Bigsplash Date: 26th & 27th July 2014, Saturday & Sunday. Time: 11am till 7pm Location: East Coast Park, Big Splash - Playground (Beside the Seafood International Market) Performance slots: 12noon, 2pm, 4pm & 6pm



Participating Vendors:

  • Mah Pte Ltd
  • A Motorcykel Area
  • Wow! Gadgets - Blackvue Singapore
  • IPONE Lubricants
  • JR Pte Ltd
  • Dainese Singapore
  • Juzz Wheelzz Graphix Pte Ltd
  • Hodaka Motoworld
  • Motor Culture Asia
  • Monster Energy Singapore
  • Race Werks Motorsports
  • R&G Racing Products
  • Sporting Motors Pte Ltd
  • Threesixty Magazine
  • W. Y. Motor Pte Ltd

We Support Riders

While we don't endorse stunt riding on the roads at DirectAsia.com we do love bikes, motorcycle culture and everything that goes with riding. Maybe you have an interest in trying out stunt riding, and if so please find an appropriate school/venue for trying it out and don't do it out on the Singapore roads. If you do make it down and get inspired, please do not try any of the stunts you see yourself. Leave the stunts to the pros. But do ride your bike for enjoyment and make sure you're properly covered at all times when you're out on the roads. For many riders around the world, just navigating our streets would be extreme enough :)