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Helpful Tips For Travelling with Infants & Toddlers


Infants and toddlers are not the easiest travel companions. They require constant care and are prone to temper tantrums which can easily ruin your trip. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways you can make your vacation as stress-free as possible. In this article, we list down some helpful tips you can use when travelling with infants and toddlers.

Getting ready

Prior to your trip, make sure everything is in order before you leave your home. This includes family travel insurance, travel arrangements, and essential items you need on your trip. Here are some other tips you should keep in mind when getting ready for your trip.

  • Flight tickets and hotel accommodations should be booked at least a month before your trip. Plus, you will also benefit from travel insurance promotions if you purchase it the same time as your flight.
  • When booking your flight, make sure you are strategically seated. Choose seats near a bathroom. The back of the plane often has fewer passengers which makes it less of a hassle for you to change a diaper or get your infant or toddler clean.
  • A week before your trip, confirm your flight and hotel booking. This will give you ample time to change your flight or your hotel booking should any issues arise with minimal hassle.
  • Make sure you pack your infant or toddler’s essentials in your carry-on and check-in luggage. Items like diapers, baby food, clean bottles, formula, medications, and the like should be packed on your carry-on for easy access. Make a list of all the essentials you need to bring to guarantee that you don’t miss anything.
  • Check the airlines rules about carrying car seats and strollers on the plane before purchasing your ticket. Some airlines have size regulations and going beyond that may incur an added fee or may require you to check it before boarding. For lower prices on additional or excess baggage, purchase additional baggage when booking your flight or days before your flight.
  • Check airport regulations for any restrictions on your child’s carry-on or check-in luggage. Any items that violate airport regulations may cause you significant delays in the airport so it is best to go over your list to check if you have any restricted items.
  • Go over the terms and conditions of your group travel insurance. If you run into any trouble or delay, you would know the steps to do to be able to make a claim.

In transit

When travelling from one point to another with kids, there are so many unexpected surprises. Whether its diapers that need to be changed or children that have to be fed, there are always unplanned situations just waiting to happen. It can be stressful for you and your child. Here are some tips you can use while in transit with your infant or toddler.

  • Get to the airport early. This gives you enough time to check in and get settled before your flight. Rushing can cause stress not only to you but also your child. Make sure you have easy access to any travel documentation for your infant or toddler.
  • If flying with an infant, ask your airline for a bassinet or cot. However, there are some airlines that require you to inform them beforehand should you need a bassinet during your flight. The numbers of available bassinets on planes are limited and it is best to have it reserved.
  • Keep them entertained. Long queues and flights can make toddlers and infants crabby and impatient. Fill tablets or smartphones with movies or games to keep them entertained during long trips. Bring their favourite toys or better yet buy a new toy they can play with during the flights. For toddlers, bring colouring and activity books to prevent them from walking around the cabin.
  • Bring a small pillow with you onboard so they are comfortable during naps.
  • Some parents prepare “bribes” or goodie bags for other passengers should their infant or toddler make a lot of noise during the flight. It is a thoughtful way to apologise for any disturbance that might occur.

In the hotel

Your hotel will be your temporary home during the duration of your trip. Here are some tips to make your infant or toddler feel at home in a hotel.

  • Ask your hotel if they have available cribs or portable play pens you can rent during your stay. As convenient as it may be, make sure you inspect the crib for anything that might be unsafe or might cause injury to your child.
  • Choose a hotel with a bathtub so you can easily bathe your infant or toddler. Pro tip: if you booked in a hotel doesn’t have a bathtub, bring a small inflatable baby pool with you for an instant bathtub.
  • If travelling with a toddler, check if your hotel has a nearby trustworthy day care centre you can drop them off to if you want to go shopping or do some errands.
  • Swimming pools and playgrounds in the hotel are also excellent places where you can keep kids entertained. It is also where they can interact with children their age.

You can never really tell how a trip will go but it is best to be prepared for anything. By preparing in advance and getting the necessary precautions such as travel insurance, you can minimise the stress associated with travelling with infants and toddlers. Once prepared, all you have to remember is to relax, enjoy, and take lots of photos during your family vacation.

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