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Your Car Insurance – Myths vs. Important Truths - DirectAsia

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 16:02

Red Car Myth

Myth: A belief that is very commonly held but often completely wrong. To get you in the mood for our car insurance myths below, here is DirectAsia.com’s shortlist of some commonly believed myths (from the funny to the ludicrous). Though these examples are not true, they continue to be passed around and have even changed the way people behave:

Myth: Pigeons explode if you feed them uncooked rice

Myth: Coffee minimises the effects of alcohol

Myth: Father Christmas is real and lives at the North Pole

Myth: Humans use only 10% of their brains

Myth: Calories eaten at night are more fattening than those eaten early in the day

Myth: Drinking alcohol raises your body temperature

Myth: When you get older, you become increasingly bad tempered

Myth: Sushi is raw fish

And here is the top Car Insurance myth

Myth: Red cars cost more to insure than other colour cars. Fact: Colour is NOT one of the factors that determine car insurance. Click here to find out what factors will affect your policy.

That may come of something of a relief if you are considering buying a Bentley, especially as Singapore specialists note younger buyers are spicing up the venerable car market with purchases of two-door Continental coupes and convertibles in bolder "burned orange and St James red" finishes. Phew!

Car Driver Male or Female

Colour Choices. Men v Women

When it comes to choosing clothes, decorating a house or choosing a new car, you may have first-hand knowledge (or an injury) proving that men and women have different colour preferences. A recent study dug significantly deeper to examine these all important car colour differences between the two genders.

“We looked at 30 million used cars and hundreds of thousands of people who contacted sellers, What we found was that while black, white and silver were the most popular colours overall, making up almost 50 percent of all cars, preferences for other popular colours differed between men and women.” Phong Ly, founder and CEO, iSeeCars.com

Some of the findings were as you might predict:

“Men tend to prefer flashy performance cars in flashy colours, while women have a higher tendency to go for practical and affordable models.” Phong Ly

And yes, red ranked highly as a colour choice among men compared to women. So, if you have been putting off buying a red car (or trying to persuade your wife/girlfriend not to go for that silver one she’d rather have), go ahead and make your shiny red purchase. Don’t believe the myth that red cars cost more to insure than other colour cars. Take it from DirectAsia.com, colour is NOT one of the factors that determine car insurance.

Don’t Believe These Other Car Insurance Myths

Myth: High-risk drivers cannot get car insurance

Fact: DirectAsia.com offers a realistic policy just for you

Myth: Low Mileage Drivers do not get insurance rewards

Fact: DirectAsia.com reward Low Mileage Drivers

We’d love to hear about your favourite myths car-related or otherwise. DirectAsia.com is here to help you make the best choice when buying car insurance that is right for you. Quick, easy and affordable. Why not get a quote today?