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3 Amazing New Road Trips to Take This Chinese New Year

Mon, 01/13/2020 - 09:30

We get it, sometimes you just need to get away for a bit. A refreshing road trip this holiday season may be exactly what you need to put a spring back in your step. Before you pack your bags and embark on a driving adventure, you need to plan your itinerary. For a fun, affordable short vacation, we recommend going on a road trip with your friends and family! So here are 3 awesome places to head to on your next break.

Cameron Highlands

Located in neighbouring Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands is the ideal place to take your family for a short holiday. This beautiful destination has a lot to see and do, and too many Singaporeans have never experienced this area for themselves.

The trip to Cameron Highlands from Singapore takes about 7-9 hours by car. While there is a bus that can take you into the city, you will have to rely on public transportation to take you around. Not all of the attractions are within walking distance of each other, so your best bet is to rent a car so that you have full freedom on your sightseeing adventures. We also suggest getting travel insurance with a car rental add-on to ensure you’re protected during your road trip.

While in the Cameron Highlands, make it a point to visit the Big Red Strawberry Farm. The Sam Poh Temple is another must-see. Don’t try to see the area in one day. It’s better to plan at least a full weekend to appreciate this beautiful location. Businesses may close on government holidays, so be sure to check out what’s going to be open while you plan your trip.


If you prefer some small city charm, then a road trip to Malacca may be more up your alley. It only takes about 4-5 hours to drive to this colonial city. Tourists should rent a private car to make their trip more personal. Malacca is right across the border, and is a great place to travel either alone or with a partner. Because of its prime location, this town is very well-known by fellow Singaporeans.

While in Malacca, you have to drop by a tea house to learn the proper way to indulge in Malaysian tea. You’ll also find plenty of shopping spots and places people watch.

You can also pick up a few antiques from the area and get to know the friendly residents. Great food is also in abundance. The local restaurants will tempt you with mouth-watering chicken rice balls, cafes and Lok Lok!

During the CNY season, Malacca is known for its elaborative decorations. If you happen to be in town during this time of year, be sure to stop by Melaka River and the iconic Jonker Walk to take in the decorations and festivities for an unforgettable, carnival-like holiday event.


Probably the lesser-known location on this list, Kluang is a great place to check out for a short weekend trip. As one of the closer destinations, you can plan an impromptu trip in no time at all since the drive from Singapore to Kluang is about 3 hours, on average. Be sure to rent a cosy car that comfortably seats everyone at your party.

There’s a lot planned during the holiday season in Kluang. One of the top places to visit is Zenxin Organic Park. The park offers family-friendly tours, many of which only last about an hour.

During the month of January, you can get to take part in their CNY cookies workshop which makes for a unique and enjoyable experience. Zenxin is definitely the perfect way for your family and friends to learn about organic agriculture in a very hands-on way.

Street art is another legacy of Kluang. You’ll find wall paintings and murals across the area. Schedule some time to walk through the town and grab some coffee at a local cafe. You’ll enjoy a variety of treats from skilled street vendors. If you have a weekend to spare, a road trip to this city won’t disappoint.

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