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10 Tips for Singaporeans Planning for a Winter Holiday

winter holiday

There’s nothing like getting away from tropical Singapore to an exciting winter wonderland destination. There are, however, a lot of things to consider when going on a winter vacation. An ill-equipped wardrobe, delayed flights, and snow storms can easily turn your trip into a disaster. With the December holidays fast approaching, we provide you with some helpful tips for a worry-free winter getaway.

1. Book in Advance

Plan Your Holiday

Due to back-to- back holidays, flights and hotels tend to be overbooked during the winter months. It is best that you book your flights, travellers insurance, and accommodations as early as you can. By booking early, you can avoid possible booking cancellations or changes. This will also allow you to change flight and hotel bookings with little to no costs. Plus, booking early can give you the best holiday insurance, flight, and hotel deals.

2. Travel Protection

Travel Protection

Winter weather can be harsh. Bad winter conditions such as snow and fog can cause flight delays and cancellations. Trip cancellations can be very expensive without proper travel insurance. Travel insurance will provide you coverage for multiple issues you might encounter during winter holidays such as missed connections, cancelled flights, medical emergencies, and baggage coverage.

3. Build an Itinerary

Travel Insurance

Before your trip, it is crucial that you come up with an itinerary of all your activities. This will allow you to properly plan out your trip and avoid getting caught off guard with limited operating hours due to winter schedules. If you plan on going snowboarding or skiing, it is best to purchase additional protection with extreme sport or ski insurance.

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4. Check Weather Forecasts

Holiday Insurance

Do research in advance to find out what the weather is like. Check out Uniqlo Travel Planner and Daily Dress Me for clothing suggestions based on weather data to ensure that you stay comfortable no matter how unforgiving the weather.

5. Pack Smart

Travel Insurance

Before leaving Singapore, make sure you buy proper winter attire to avoid freezing when you are out and about. Invest in warm socks, boots, coats, scarves, gloves, and thermal clothing. Winter clothing doesn’t necessarily imply light travelling. So, make sure you get extra baggage allowance to avoid getting overcharged in the airport. Another option will be to have your laundry done in your destination to avoid packing too much clothing.

6. Don’t Forget Layering

Winter Insurance

Since the weather never really calls for it, layering isn’t something we do often in Singapore. If it’s your first time in a winter destination, layering is a way to keep yourself warm. Here are some tips on how you should layer your clothes:

There are essentially three layers of clothing.

1. Breathable Base Layer

2. Body Heat Retaining Sweater

3. Wind Resistant/ Waterproof Outer Layer

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7. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Stay Moisturise during Winter

Skin dries up quickly in cold weather. Cold and dry weather makes skin flaky and itchy. Keep yourself hydrated and moisturise your skin and lips to avoid this. Bring or purchase moisturisers and lip balms that retain moisture.

8. Get the Right Winter Accessories

Best Travel Insurance

Winter accessories such as gloves, scarves, hats, and boots help keep you warm. Make sure you get weather appropriate accessories. Waterproof or water-resistant and heat-retaining materials should be your top priority.

9. Stay Dry

Apart from staying warm, keeping dry is also crucial during winter. Snow only occurs during freezing temperatures, this means that anything above freezing will result in rain or turn snow into liquid. Invest in a good waterproof and wind-resistant coat that will protect you from these elements.

10. Be Cautious

Winter Insurance

Winter weather can be very unpredictable. This is why it’s important to be cautious especially while in transit. Roads during winter can be very hazardous. Icy roads can cause vehicles to spin or slide while fog may make it difficult for drivers to see the road. So, if you’re driving, make sure you familiarise yourself with driving in icy conditions.Popular winter destinations can be quite expensive during this season. Avoid this by comparing holiday insurance, flights, and accommodations to get more savings during your winter holiday trip. You will surely enjoy your holidays by following these handy winter travel tips.

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